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Mission Statement

Quality Statement


Vinatoru Enterprises, Inc. provides consulting services in packaging and automation for the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industry.

Our 25 years of experience in packaging engineering has led us to design and manufacture a series of instruments aimed at accurately testing the seal quality of different types of packages.

Our equipment is ergonomically designed, to allow laboratory and QC personnel to quickly perform testing on a continuous basis.

Our in-house CNC machine shop allows for quick deliveries and reduced cost even for customized equipment.

Automated data collection software eliminates operator error while rapidly processing and analyzing data.

All design and manufacturing is done at our New Jersey facility and our instruments are built with only the highest quality components.

We also provide our clients with a wide array of testing services, all performed on the premises.

Some of these tests include water vapor and oxygen transmissions rate testing, simulated ship testing, and nondestructive product inspection.







Custom Instruments

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