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Constant 45° Seal Strength Tester model CST454

For containers with peel open lids.


  • Rigid thermoformed cups
  • Injection-molded cups
  • Single serve containers
  • Trays with flexible lids

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  • Instrument completely peels the lid of a cup, pin-pointing exact location of trouble areas
  • Maintains 45° lid angle throughout the peel process
  • Records actual force as required to open the package at 45° angle
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction.
  • Pneumatic gripper improves testing ease and speed.
  • Stepper motor design equipped with a digital controller.
  • Digital force gauge can easily be removed for calibration.
  • Zero backlash ball screw with permanent lubrication.
  • High level of safety – no pinch points.
  • Universal vacuum holding fixture and custom top plates for any container size and shape.
  • User can test cups with up to 4” lid diameter and up to 4” height.
  • RS-232 Data output for use with VEI data collection software.
  • Multiple speed drive 1, 6 and 12 inches per minute (calibrated).
  • Dimensions: 30"L x 10"W x 18"H.
  • Instrument weight: 47 pounds.
  • Required utilities are 120-240 VAC and 60 psi compressed air.


custom top plates

maintains 45° lid angle

data collection software

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