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Perspico CB 2.0 Software

Specially designed for operating with the Creep Burst Tester. Complies with ASTM test methods F1140 and F2054.

Perspico CB 2.0 is a custom software tool that comes pre-installed on the included personal computer when you purchase a Vinatoru Enterprises Creep Burst Tester.

Creep Burst Tester

Standard Features

  • Burst, Creep, Creep to Failure and Creep-to-Burst testing methods supported.
  • Configurable pressure slope and pressure hold time.
  • Wide range of testing parameters covers all user needs for creep & burst testing
  • Automated testing procedure
  • Selectable units of measurement (psi, kPa, In H2O, cm H2O)
  • Data is displayed on screen, saved on disk, printed and exported as ASCII
  • User data base allows multiple operators
  • The ability to design a testing template for various needs
  • Dynamic setup for the test conditions (pressure and time) through friendly interfaces
  • Industry standards: ASTM F1140-00, ASTM F2054-00
  • Statistical analysis including capability indices


  • Blister cards
  • Sealed packages
  • Flexible packages
  • Catheters, bags
  • Lidded trays

testing template



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