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TestWise Cup 5.20 Software

Specially designed for applications where the whole package is peeled at once

Test Wise Cup 5.20 is a custom software tool that allows you to collect data from a digital force gauge. This software was created with a user-friendly graphical interface along with a sophisticated data table which tracks and organizes test data.


Food/Medical Cups

Thermoformed Trays
and Blisters

Standard Features

  • Graphic representation of peel force vs. distance or force vs. time
  • Calculates the average force between markers, the initial and final peaks located outside the cursors and the area under the curve for each test
  • Automatic detection of serial port and force gauge settings
  • User selectable trigger method and length of data acquisition
  • All data is saved in text format for compatibility with other software packages
  • Works in both compression or tension modes
  • User can change the position of the cursors for calculations
  • Statistical calculations (x, s, x-2s, x-3s, min & max)
  • Automatic field increment
  • Supports printed reports and graphs

whole pouches

Powerful settings

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