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Vinatoru Enterprises, Inc. is proud to offer custom solutions suited to your specific data collection and analysis needs. Test & Measurement Software: Quickly connect to any instrument from any vendor, and then through a friendly and intuitive graphic interface use it to measure, test, analyze and report the results.

We offer full life-cycle development and implementation, consulting, design and maintenance. To ensure quality and consistency we develop thorough understanding of your system requirements followed by a complete agreement on the technical specification, delivery dates and confidentiality terms.

Customize and specify the software to fit your particular needs:

  • Report format, data output, graphs and statistical calculations
  • Electronic signatures as required by 21 CFR Part 11
  • Validation to satisfy FDA’s Principles of Software Validation.
  • Collected test data saved with date and time stamp
  • Primary data that cannot be altered. Any changes are tagged and tracked
  • Testing and report settings restricted based on user rights and permissions
  • Test method (eg. ASTM), parameters, data reported and constraints
  • Monitored parameters - type and value (pressure, temperature, voltage, etc.)
  • Process limits and alarm settings

We offer independent Process Monitoring Systems. Easily connect your process and or instrumentation to the computer via standard I/O interfaces. Our systems include I/O cards, converters, cables and signal conditioners fully calibrated and at high levels of performance and accuracy. We provide engineering expertise and project management. Engineers are available to assist in all phases of development and implementation, from quality planning and system requirements to design, coding, testing and validation.

personalized support services for our software developed in US !





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