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Seal Integrity Monitoring System (SIMS) Software

Specially designed to work in conjunction with a Multipurpose Leak Detector. Complies with ASTM test method F2391.

SIMS software represents a complete data acquisition, process control and data analysis software product. The software works in conjunction with a Multipurpose Leak Detector, automatically initiates a testing cycle on the instrument, collects data for an accurate measuring, computes, interprets and records test information.




Standard Features

  • Conduct quality control tests in a simple, intuitive manner using Helium Leak detection
  • Reads, Records and Displays Helium Leak Rate digital data from the Helim Leak Detector Module
  • Determine (compute), record and display Helium Concentration information
  • Calculate an Actual Helium Leak Rate (AHLR) per cavity(unit) by considering the number of cavities per package and the helium concentration within the cavities.
  • Printed reports of test data
  • A configurable set of parameters for conducting tests and organizing data
  • Graphic representation of Helium Leak Rate and computed He concentration vs. time
  • Testing activities, testing parameters and records of testing activities are developed according to CFR part 11
  • Different users with 3 levels of access permissions
  • Open previous test data, view and print reports and individual test information
  • Test data can be exported as a tab-separated ASCII data file to be used in spreadsheet applications - summary values for each test, statistical values for all tests and complete incremental He Leak rate readings for each test (the raw data)
  • Report printing;
  • Ability to save and retrieve projects
  • Automatic unit detection for He Leak Rate
  • Automatic identification field increment for subsequent tests




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